BetOnline Player ONENDONE Wins $392,000 Bad Beat Jackpot 

BetOnline saw one of its newer players walking away a big winner in February. The player in question plays under the name ONEnDONE and was sitting at a cash table when his bankroll saw a jump that was both unexpected and exciting. It was a hand many dream of being involved in, one that requires thought and nerves of steal with the hopes you take down the hand and walk away from a winner.

On the day in question, ONEnDONE was sitting at a full table when he was dealt pocket jacks. The action started with a preflop raise by HslHoff, and ONEnDONE quickly made the call. This saw heads up action unfold for the next round of bets. The flop was dealt Ace, Jack Jack, and left ONEnDONE in a prominent position going into the next round of betting. Playing weak, he checked and watched as HslHodd did the same. The turn saw a ten of hearts joining the community cards and ONEnDONE firing out a bet equal to nearly 50% of the pot, with a quick call from HslHoff. Another ace joined the community cards after the river was dealt and saw ONEnDONE go all in, HslHoff called, and when the cards were shown, it saw HslHoff coming out on top with four of a kind aces against ONEnDONE’s four of a kind jacks.

While initially, it is a safe bet to suggest shock at the loss, it wasn’t long before ONEnDONE was celebrating a win of $137,177.64 as the player on the losing end of this hand. HslHoff, for his efforts and winning hand, enjoyed a win of $68,569.21.  The balance of the pot was divided between the next bad beat jackpot (30%) and the other players sitting at the table, each took home a win of $9,795.61, let alone a story to tell friends and foes.

Winning the Bad Beat Jackpot requires that the hand go to showdown, and a player must lose with four of a kind jacks or better. Players do not have to be active in the hand to qualify for the sharing of its jackpot. The jackpot starts at $100,000 and will grow until won.

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